LUX Magazine Hot List Party

The air is warm, the sun is beaming bright without a cloud in the sky. This weather is

ideal for a summer day on Long Island and even more perfect for the Fourth of July weekend. Long Island is infamous for its history , sights and summers but most importantly it’s beauty especially on the East End in places destinations such as Water Mill which is a beautiful town nestled in the Hamptons.


I had the honor of attending the glamourous magazine East Coast LUX’s lifestyles Hot List party of 2022 hosted by the stunning Editor at Large Kelli Delaney Kots (kdhamptons) gorgeous home.


Upon arriving to the party you are greeted by two beautiful photographers. The first glance at the soirée is truly breathtaking. A gorgeous tent with elegant and fashionable guests dressed to the nines in their divine designer attire.


Beneath the tent, you could find delectable bites such as shrimp cocktail, the East End’s famous lobster rolls and buratta with black truffle just too name a few.The team of the Hamptons Aristocrat catering company kept the bites coming with passed h’ourderves to keep the crowd satisfied but because they were so a delicious there was a yearning for more.


The bar table had a spread of drinks to choose from including their hot lists Uni Tequila as well as my drink of choice Hampton Water a French Rosé that was a perfect fit for the occasion.


As I strolled through the party you saw more tables unveiled before your eyes including a meet and greet book signing with incredible authors who were all awarded for the hot list.


A table where you fill your tote with with beautiful gifts by brands featured in the coveted issue with everything from activewear to skincare including jaw dropping floral from Millstone Flowers.


Kathy Kuo Home, had a breathtaking set up of home decor where you could pose for a photo and never want to get up.


The star of the party truly was the location of Kelli’s home with immaculate landscaping and gardening , a stunning poolside retreat and garden benches you could sit in all day.


Finally , the guests were incredibly lovely company and I met an array of such beautiful people inside and out. Congratulations to the 2022 Hot List Winners. I look forward to seeing them again.

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