Drugstore foundation & concealer you need..like now! (You'll thank me later.)

I think there is always this running question with the battle of the beauty game.. drugstore vs. luxury cosmetics. Are those luxury cosmetics really worth all of that money? The answer to that is totally yes! But only sometimes. I'll get more into that later- I use a healthy mix of both and an array of products depending on the look I am trying to achieve. But for every day wear I highly recommend L'Oreal 24 Hour Fresh Wear foundation, Lightweight. The formula is so smooth, it can go anywhere from a light build to a full coverage foundation. They have 30 different shades so there is a shade for everyone! Being a New Yorker I tend to have to switch up my shades with the seasons ( I get a bronze glow in the summer from countless hours at the beach soaking up the sun on my days off) and generally going lighter in the Winter months. I am shade 475 in the Summer and 455 come Winter. If you're going for a more contoured look I would recommend going a few shades darker (even in the winter months) and pairing it with a good contouring concealer. Ahem. The L'Oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer Waterproof full Coverage. I assure you it won't disappoint. I like to use a Beauty Blender ( pink of course) to apply these bad boys. The wider end for the foundation and the slimmer side for the concealer. You can purchase all 3 at the links below? What are your favorite drug store foundation finds? I would love to hear from you guys on any suggestions, or if you give these products a try I wanna hear what you think! Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask on the comment section below. Happy blending beauties!

xx. Hannah

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