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Helllooo my lovelies. 
I want to share with you my current reads. I regret not adding this sooner because I’ve read probably 30 plus books this summer. I will literally read a book in one sitting during a beach day when I’m alone and just let the sunshine , waves  and tide pass me by. I’m a firm believer in books. I was brought up reading books as a child. I’m not a big TV person unless it’s the Islanders LOL . I think it’s so important to read daily. I take advantage of our local library I love them they have so much to offer. If they don’t have a book you want you can request it from another library in your county ( at least that rule applies to Suffolk ) I like to read a healthy mix of fiction and non-fiction to keep myself educated and informed being graduated from college and the more knowledge and education you have the better. That’s something no one can ever take from you. 

In any case this is what I’m reading , “ Big Summer” , by Jennifer Weiner if you’re into fiction I definitely think you guys should give it a whirl I was hooked by the first page. Lmk what you think or if you have any book recs!

Have a beautiful day ,

xo Hannah 

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