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Hey guys this morning I did @purebarre for the first time in a loooong time. And it was honestly amazing !

I first discovered pure barre back in 2015! I was living in Florida for only a few months ! (I’ll share my love whole Florida story with you guys at a later date ) I was working at this really beautiful salon/spa/ and boutique called fresh in Sarasota. I was the boutique manager it was honestly one of my favorite jobs because it allowed me to literally take the reigns with merchandising , marketing of the boutique , the online shop and sales.

Anyway a lot of the girls there were all about pure barre and barre. I was like what is all of this buzz about ?

So I decided to join my local pure barre in Lakewood ranch Florida and I honestly fell in love.

You wouldn’t think this class is hard but let me tell you something it’s harddd. Like super hard. A few mins into the warm up you wanna like stop and run away.

The class is broken down into sections :

Warm Up - arms abs and planks


Seat ( booty)


Cool down

You’re gonna be sore after your first class(es) but it is well worth it ! You will notice your arms are toned , the belly’s a little flatter , legs are more lean and defined with the booty lifted.

I did the pure barre in studio for 3 months until it was time to come back to NY. At the time pure barre offered dvds with a set of all of their equipment of the ball and tube for like $250 I went to Marshall’s and got some of my own mat ( invest in a thick one it supports you during the abs or even yoga honestly ) and weights I have 3,5 and 8 lbs depending on the exercise.

I did the barre from home honestly inconsistently for a year.

Then a year later I became more consistent from 2016-2017 leading up to our wedding.

After that kinda didn’t do it so much because I was doing other workouts but then in 2019 my husband bought me an in house studio membership for my birthday and I fell in love with the workout again.

After a few months we bought our first home too far from the studio so I had to discontinue classes.

A few days ago I was feeling the urge to LTB ( pure barre lingo for lift tone burn) and I made it a priority to start it up again this morning and I am so glad I did! I’m already feeling a little sore.

This workout really does target all of these trouble areas and muscles in your body that you never knew existed !

I’m going to make a commitment to commit to these dvds a few days a week mixed with my peloton and other cardio!

I have a renowned love for this workout and I really think all of you guys should try it too!

Have you guys tried pure barre or any other type of barre before ? Lmk your thoughts and comment below

<3 Hannah

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