It’s Wellness Wednesday! We’re giving the low down on water!

Hi guys !

So as we all know today is Wednesday! You know what that means! Wellness Wednesday!

I just felt that water deserved a blog post. Did you know our bodies are all made up or 60%-70% water ( depending on the person)

Guys there are so many benefits to water. I literally drink a gallon or two a day I kid you not. It’s so good for you. Everyone always says how do you drink that much water? Aren’t you in the bathroom 100x a day? And yes I am BUT that’s a good thing. You’re flushing out allll of the toxins! All of the bad stuff that doesn’t belong in your body!!

I’ve been drinking a lot of water since middle school! I recommend drinking it out of reusable cup I do a tervis with a straw or a swell. I prefer drinking with a straw it helps it go down quicker and you’ll in turn consume more!

There are so many benefits !

- Keeps your skin looking amazing and glowing helps prevents wrinkles and fine lines

- Lubricates the joints and prevents aches

-Helps your muscles recover after a workout and prevents soreness after you do that hard workout

-It provides you a boost of energy. Experts say that water fights fatigue more than coffee and gives the body the energy it needs to function throughout the day

-Helps maintain a healthy weight , if you have a glass of water before meals it’ll help your body feel full and in turn eat less. Also sometimes hunger is masked for thirst ! If you’re feeling hungry have some water you’ll feel better!

There are so many more benefits ( too many to name) go grab a glass of the good old magical h2o.

Have a beautiful day ,

<3 Hannah

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