I Love the Smell of Coffee in the Morning

Gooood morning. So I don’t know about you but I have a firm belief that coffee makes the world go around. I cannot and repeat absolutely cannot start my day without a nice hot cup of java ( sometimes iced ) what I usually do is set the coffee pot up the night before this way when I wake up all I have to do is push a button and it gets to brewin for me. I get up at 5:30am everyday to allow myself time to reflect in the morning think about the day and what I time and to accomplish over my coffee. After I give myself that dedicated 30 mins or so I do a workout. The type of workout I do, I do switch up daily but it’s usually reflective of what my body needs and how I’m feeling. I’ll get more into that a little later with you beauties. Thennn I get ready for work. I’m quite the creature of habit honestly. I just wanna share with all of you MY favorite coffee maker. I had this one in pink before my husband and I got married in our apartment. Then we thought it would be cute to put the Ninja Coffee Bar on the registry to make all of the cute and fancy coffees well womp womp the Ninja wasn’t anything fabulous but because someone gifted it to us and we were gracious for that we kept it for 2 1/2 years until we moved into our new home and the Ninja was just acting up and not acting right sooo we got to go back to the beloved Cuisanart and we got it in this really beautiful matte black with the toaster to match. I thought it would pair nicely with the black stainless steel appliances and it totally does. I do regret allowing the pink one to go. It was my baby and I love all things pink esp in the kitchen but the matte black s really striking. We have a little coffee bar on the counter with Kate Spade Canisters as well as Everyday White Canisters both from Bed Bath & Beyond and a mason jar of stirrers for sugar and to go cups for my hubby who leaves for work bright and early. I think if you guys love coffee, Cuisanart is really the way to go. It keeps me happy every morning. I’ll be sharing with you my favorite coffees up next. For now, I've shared a pic of our little coffee station and yes the coffee canister is running really low clearly need to go food shopping LOL.

Have a great day and please comment your faves below!

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