Morning Routine

Hello hello everyone and Happy New Year. I hope that everyone had a safe happy healthy blessed holiday season full of fun love and joy with family and friends and I pray that everyone has a beautiful upcoming year as well.


A lot of you have asked me about my morning routines so I am here to share that with you.


I wake up early every day I with my husband he works Sunday to Thursday but usually he works a little more than that because of overtime I try to get out of bed no later than 6 AM. Even on my days off I’m up and out of bed early. 


I always make the bed it’s such a good way to start the day and make you feel a sense of calmness and organization.



Next , I’ll drink a huge the Tervis of lemon water and then after that I will have my coffee usually just one cup to start.


After that I’ll do my morning prayers I have two prayer books I read including Jesus Calling which was gifted to me from the beautiful renowned makeup artist Nikkii Kassak.


After my prayers I write down everything I want to accomplish in the day it helps me feel like I won’t end the day feeling I wasted any time. From there I do a workout. I try to plan what kind of workouts I am going to do within the week so I always have a plan. I always listen to my body if I felt a little sore from a strength workout and I had another one planned I would switch up for yoga or walking and light weights.


From there I will shower and get ready for work. I am working from home but I still always get ready with full hair ,clothes and makeup because I feel it’s so important to set your day up for success.


I start work everyday at 8am with a team conference call and then I take it from there.


During my am break I will make a celery juice and breakfast which consists of a smoothie or steel cut oats with fruit at that point I’ll have my second cup of coffee.


What do you guys do every morning ? What are some of your routines and best practices ?


Have a beautiful evening 

<3 Hannah


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