Hello Long Island Fall, Apple Picking & Pumpkin Beer

Hello Fall,


Hi guys for any of you that know me, know that Summer is my absolute favorite season and letting go if it every year is something that is very difficult for me but like Long Island Summer’s there’s something so special about Fall here. This past weekend, Rob and I went to the North Fork because we usually gravitate toward the South Fork because we typically go to the Hampton’s and Montauk and what have you but we wanted to switch it up a bit. Plus we got engaged in Greenport so the North Fork will always have a special place in our heart.


We started our day at the Woodside Orchard in Jamesport. They have another one in Aquebogue too but we wanted to pick apples and they weren’t offering the apple picking there yet. So you pull up into the orchard first impression it’s super small and cute. You walk in and there’s little shop where you can buy fruits , chocolate , apple cider donuts , cider and pre picked apples. ( I mean that was a little odd to me because if you’re gonna go there I would just pick my own apples for the novelty and fun of it ) but anyway you go in and you pay $20 for a decent size bag and then you walk through a little picnic table area where there’s a bar that you can get a hard cider or keep walking to go into the orchard. So the orchard was cute but a little disappointing.  They only had one section of it opened and I guess it’s because the other ones weren’t ripe enough yet but they only looked better then the selection we were able to pick from. But all in all our selection was still fine honestly. We got a good amount of apples that I’m super excited to bake with and just eat in general. When you’re done with your picking you walk back through and like I said you could order a drink if you wanted to but we didn’t because my husband and I aren’t like huge hard cider fans plus I had in mind going to the Jamesport brewery. I’ve been following them on Instagram for quite a while now but we never make it over there because we’re always out on the South Fork for East End LI. What really made me want to go there was because their sugar rim on their pumpkin beer literally looked amazing ( not to sound like a basic fall girl ) I know most places do the rim and I do it at home too but the sugar crystals just looked extra good So I was super excited to give it a try being out in that neck of woods plus it’s so close to the Woodside Orchards it’s made it even better. Maybe a 10ish minute drive.




So we went there and the vibe was super cute from the start. Just the one weird thing was there was a $5 cover per person and like to me it’s not a lot of money it’s not a big deal but like it’s not like we were at a bar or a club I mean technically you were at a bar but yano what I mean. There was a band that was amazing too so that could’ve had to do with the cover...So I got the pumpkin ( obv because God forbid I got anything else ) my husband got the IPA he’s been super into IPAS lately. There are a few sections of the brewery. To the right there’s a window where you can order a beer or you can go into their big area that resembles a big beautiful barn and order there too. They have tables on the lawn where you can sit , an enclosed tent with an hour limit or private sections for a rent that looked super cool and fun too. The one thing the bartender warned me that the bees were pretty bad and would prob be attracted to the sugar rim of the pumpkin beer and I was like oh ok that’s totally fine no problem , well yeah no she was right the bees were pretty bad. I had to kill two eek God forgive me. But they were swarming around my face. Lol. Besides that it was one of the best breweries we’ve ever been to if we didn’t have to drive we could’ve sat there and drank the beer all day.


All in all it was seriously such a good day. I recommend both places tremendously.


Links below for both places we went to :

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. DM me or hit the contact button.


Have a beautiful day loves ,


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